Mappa della Real Chiesa

It was from from indian walnut wood, in a single ancent trunk, commissioned for the Corpus Domini Church, in 1748 from the piedmontese sculptur Ignazio Perucca and assisted by the carver Pietro Antonio Valle.

The pulpit was never placed in the Corpus Domini church, due to afterwords thinking on the furniture and the addition of more precious marble decorations that would have been hidden by its presence; thus it was donated by the Municipality of Turin to the church of Saint Lawrance in 1752.

The carved panels which represent episodes regarding the Miracle of the Eucarist in Turin in 1453 (year in which the duke of Savoy Ludovico came into possession of the Sacred Shroud). The rail of the stair the procession and the representation of a man who draws up the text of the event.

At the centre the Host that uplifted Itself in Corn Square in the presence of the population, the Mayor and the Bishop praying and invoking the descent of the Host on the chalice.

On the sides the theft of the monstrance with consecrated Hosts at Exilles (alta Valle Susa).